Google's AI has made some really trippy images, and now you can buy some of them!
In an effort to understand how its artificial intelligence interprets the world, Google began a process it dubbed "inceptionism" in June.
Google AI artGoogle
The purpose of inceptionism was to see how Google's AI neural networks carried out classification tasks so engineers could further improve the system. But a quirky result of the project was the production of images that look like a serious acid trip.
The project quickly garnered a lot of interest among programmers and artists, so Google decided to open-source its code, dubbed DeepDream, so that anyone could make their own funky images.
To celebrate this new branch of art, Google will auction more than two dozen of its computer-generated images at the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts in San Francisco on Friday.
Here's how inceptionism works and a look at some of the images that will be available at the auction.