UK Tech 100 Improbable imageImprobableRob Whitehead (left) and Herman Narula (right) of Improbable.
The UK has a thriving technology industry that includes everything from financial technology (fintech) to artificial intelligence and fashion startups.
We sorted through the UK’s leading technology figures to bring you this list of the coolest people working in UK tech.
We looked at who's done cool and interesting things in the past year, including companies that have raised money or been acquired, as well as people who have been promoted.
This list includes both startup CEOs and entrepreneurs, as well as venture capitalists, radio presenters and journalists.
Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments — we want to know about them. Now scroll down to see the 100!
Additional reporting by Oscar Williams-Grut, Lara O'Reilly, Will Heilpern, and Max Slater-Robins.
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