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French Education minister: Get rare Pokémon out of our schools

Joe Mullin
French Education minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, leaving the Elysee Presidential Palace last week in Paris.
Frederic Stevens/Getty Images
France's education minister has asked the company that makes Pokémon Go to keep its most valuable creatures out of French schools.
At a press conference earlier today, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem said she will soon meet with California-based Niantic to ask them to tweak their game. According to statements reported by The Associated Press, Vallaud-Belkacem wants to keep some creatures out of French schools, since she's worried they would tempt non-students to enter.
Principals can already apply online for a school to be wholly removed from the game's map, but Vallaud-Belkacem wants the company to take some steps without being asked. The minister says that her main concern is the placement of extremely rare or "legendary" pokémon creatures in schools, which would prove too tempting to strangers who shouldn't be around the school.
Officially, France is still in a state of emergency, following terror attacks in Paris last year and last month's Bastille Day attack in Nice.
French officials aren't the only one who want limits placed on the super-popular mobile game. When the game was made available in Thailand earlier this month, a government spokesperson in that country warned that Pokémon Go could have detrimental effects on young people. The game is banned in Thai military barracks and security agencies.
"The game could harm players with things like loss of money, their job, [and] their education, as well as the relationships they have with the people around them," said the Thai spokesman.

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