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Lioness walks through safari camp in Zambia national park

Ben Hooper

A lioness strolls through a safari camp in a Zambian national park. Screenshot: Storyful\
A safari company in Zambia captured video of a lioness walking casually through their camp in a national park.
The video, posted to YouTube by Jeffery & McKeith Safaris Zambia, shows the female lion walking through the group's camp in Kafue National Park.
"Most safari camps rely on activities such as game drives and walking safaris to view Africa's majestic wildlife up close," the post said. "Not in Zambia's Kafue National Park."

"At Jeffery & McKeith Safari's new Musekese Camp, their resident pride of lions have been walking through camp on a regular basis and recently walked through the camps main area at lunch!" the video's description reads.

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