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28 killed in Baghdad double suicide bombing

By Daniel Uria 

A double suicide bombing in a busy market area in central Baghdad killed 28 people and left more than 50 injured on Saturday morning. The first blast took place near a spare car parts shop and as witnesses rushed to help the wounded a second attack targeted the same area.Photo by Ali Abbas/European Pressphoto Agency
A double suicide bombing on a busy market area in central Baghdad killed at least 28 people on Saturday morning.
The two consecutive blasts took place in the busy neighborhood of al-Sinak and injured more than 50 people, the BBC reported.
The first explosion took place near a car parts shop and after a crowd gathered to help the victims a second attack targeted the same area, police told Kurdistan24.
Baghdad security said two people wearing suicide vests detonated the explosives, a method commonly used to target Shia districts.
Ambulances arrived at the scene after the second attack to rush victims, the majority of whom worked in spare parts shops, to nearby hospitals.
The Islamic State later claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement, confirming that two suicide bombers carried out the attacks.

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