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At least 5 killed, many trapped after mine collapse in India

Rescue workers were unsure how many people were trapped inside the mine and said they had yet to make contact with any survivors.

By Stephen Feller
At least five people were killed when a coal mine collapsed Thursday evening in Godda, a town in the Jharkhand province of India. A rescue operation was delayed until Friday morning because of dark and fog, with rescue officials saying they were unsure how many workers were in the mine when the mine ceiling collapsed near the entrance. Photo by Google Maps

Rescuers pulled five bodies out of a coal mine in India Friday morning and were working to reach dozens more who were trapped when it collapsed Thursday night.
Rescue workers were feverishly clearing rubble at a mine in Godda, in the Jharkhand province, after it collapsed around 8 p.m. Thursday, searching for as many as 60 miners who may have been trapped and had to wait overnight for workers to start digging because of dark and fog.
"Rescuers pulled out five bodies of workers trapped in the mine so far," said Sanjay Singh, general manager at Rajmahal Opencast Project, which operates the mine. "Rescue operation is still on. Bodies have not been identified."
An unknown number of workers, and at least 40 vehicles, were operating in the mine about 200 feet underground when, during a shift change, the mine ceiling collapsed.
The collapse, near the front of the mine around 8 p.m., reportedly trapped between 20 and 60 people in the mine. Rescue workers had to wait through the night to start digging for survivors because of dark and fog, but restarted the rescue operation at 6 a.m. Friday.
Five bodies had been pulled from the rubble by midday Friday local time, and police officials warned those inside the mine had low chances of survival -- though they acknowledged they have no idea whether there are any survivors yet.
"We are trying to make contact with them," said Niladri Roy, general manager of Eastern Coalfields Limited, which owns the mine. "We cannot comment whether they are trapped inside the mine or under the debris."

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