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Man Receives Several Parking Tickets Despite Being Dead At The Wheel

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A man's SUV had been receiving parking tickets for four days straight, despite the fact that he was inside of the car already deceased. According to reports, 62-year-old Jacob Morpeau from Fort Lauderdale, Florida was found by an innocent stranger walking by who was curious as to why the SUV had so many tickets on it. Inside of his dark tinted windows, Carolyn White saw Morpeau sitting in the driver's seat with his body face down over the car's center console.
White told reporters she had only approached the car to see why there were five parking tickets on the windshield, as it seemed a bit strange to her. She then looked inside of the car to see if it was abandoned. She was horrified when she found Morpeau slouched over, credit card still in hand. White immediately called police.
The Medical Examiner's office issued a report saying that Morpeau had died from natural causes. He also had been suffering from hypertensive cardiovascular disease. However, he could not pinpoint the exact day of his death.
The tickets, however, were issued to the SUV from November 12th-November 15th – which indicates the car had not moved in the three day span. The SUV had also received tickets twice in the same day.
credit: Alain Danier/NBC Miami The body of Jacob Morpeau was found inside an SUV that had a pile of parking citations on the windshield.
White said she was curious when she wanted to approach the vehicle – and was being nosy.
"I was being nosy. I never let the meter man catch me. I never got a parking ticket and I wanted to know why somebody else got caught. And that's what made me look inside."
"He was underneath the steering wheel, his head was in the middle of the seat, between the two seats. But you could see him on the passenger's side. That's how I seen him, from the sidewalk."
Fort Lauderdale officials declined to comment on the situation, however, the parking tickets were voided "due to extenuating circumstances."

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