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Send items to Goodwill and Amazon will pay for shipping

Amazon will provide no-cost UPS and U.S. Postal Services shipping labels for cardboard boxes sent to Goodwill.

By Ed Adamczyk
A worker scans packages at the Amazon logistics centre in Koblenz, Germany, on November 29. Amazon has launched a new program where it will pay for customers to ship their used cardboard boxes filled with donations to Goodwill. Photo by Thomas Frey/European Pressphoto Agency
Amazon announced a partnership with Goodwill to repurpose its boxes to ship donations to the service organization.
Online retailer Amazon ships out millions of cardboard boxes each holiday season and even more throughout the year. The company said boxes left over in customers' homes can be filled with clothing and other donation items and shipped for free to Goodwill. And Amazon will pick up the shipping tab.
The program, called the Give Back Box, does not require the boxes to have the Amazon logo on them, so any cardboard box conforming to UPS or U.S. Postal Service requirements is acceptable for delivery of goods to Goodwill. Amazon did not specify a closing date for the partnership.
"Goodwill sells the donated goods, and the revenues help support employment placement, job training and other community-based services to create strong families and communities," the Amazon website said.
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