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Sweden orders vehicle-mounted mortars

Richard Tomkins
Forty Swedish army CV90 infantry fighting vehicles are to be equipped with mortar systems. Photo courtesy BAE Systems
BAE Systems Hägglunds is to install 40 vehicle-mounted 120mm mortar systems on CV90 infantry fighting vehicles of the Swedish army.
The contract was issued by the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration, or FMV, and is worth $68 million. Initial deliveries scheduled to take place in the first quarter of 2019, the company said.
"The delivery of the Mjölner solution to the Swedish Army allows it to field a capability well adapted for the CV90 while enhancing the fleet's firepower," said Tommy Gustafsson-Rask, managing director of BAE Systems Hägglunds.
CV90 is a family of Swedish tracked combat vehicles It is operated by Denmark, Estonia, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland as well as Sweden.
The Swedish army has more than 500 CV90s. Earlier this year, BAE Systems was awarded a contract to refurbish 262 of the vehicles.
Additional contract detail were not disclosed.

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