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Hillary’s BACK & Serious About Running For Major Political Office In 2017

Rebecca Diserio

Hillary Clinton (left) is back, according to sources inside her inner circle who say she is ready to run again. Hillary (right) struggles to climb stairs during her last run for political office in 2016.
Hillary Clinton is getting back in the saddle again, only 57 days after losing her bid for president. It’s leaving conservatives everywhere speechless as liberals jump for joy over the thought of their queen regaining some power in 2017. Just when we thought we were through with the Clintons, Hillary crawled out of her cave to cause mayhem and break more laws — and you’ll never guess what she’s running for this time.
It’s official, major news sources have announced that Hillary Clinton is seriously “mulling over” running for the Mayor of New York in 2017. Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s term is up, and the election is this coming November.
This is serious since the Clintons don’t let anything leak to the liberal press by accident. Newsmax is reporting that a New York City elected official and Clinton friend confirmed that Hillary “is being urged by major Democratic donors and leaders to make a bid for New York City’s mayor and challenge incumbent Bill de Blasio.”
Some think this may be her best way to stay out of prison, although I highly doubt it will make a difference if new Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants to press charges against Hillary, Bill, and the Clinton Foundation.
Hillary with Bill Clinton as she gave her concession speech the day after the 2016 election. Reports surfaced that she had a tantrum and refused to concede on election night. This brings up one reason she may be thinking about running, and that is the Clinton Foundation. Ever since the book and documentary “Clinton Cash” exposed the “pay for play” scandal and the FBI started an investigation, donations are tanking. The Clintons might be having a cash flow problem. Keeping up million dollar properties and their lifestyle may mean that Hillary needs a real job, and one with power will surely make donors happy.
Frighteningly, New York political pundits say she would win. As hard as that is to believe for most Americans, Hillary is popular in New York, which is a bastion of liberal loons. Newsmax’s sources say, “Clinton is being pushed to run by Democrats dissatisfied over de Blasio’s mayoralty. ‘If she ran, she’d win,’ another source with deep ties to the Democratic and media establishment said.”
Hillary passed out at 9/11 Memorial on September 11, 2016. Major health issues plagued her run for the presidency in 2016. Of course, there are those diehard nutjobs who want Hillary to stay on the sidelines for one reason; they still think she could be president one day. These liberal losers remain out of touch with reality:
“Some Clinton advisers are reportedly predicting Trump will stumble badly in his first term, encouraging Hillary to stay on the sidelines in case she wants to make another bid for the White House in 2020.” [via Newsmax]
When you consider Hillary’s multiple health issues – including her passing out at the 9/11 Memorial, the constant coughing fits, trouble walking up steps, and the list goes on – running for any office seems crazy. If anything, the Clintons are consistent in one thing, and that is, they must have power and money.
For those who can’t leave New York, we send our sympathy. The thought of having to listen to Hillary’s voice for four more years is a terrifying prospect. It’s bad enough that she’ll be back in the news cycle. God help us all.

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