It’s not all those cakes and pies – it could be a virus that’s making you fat

Rob Waugh
Credit: METRO/mylo
Credit: METRO/mylo
It’s the news frustrated dieters have been waiting for – the reason you’re fat might not actually be the three tonnes of chocolate and turkey you ate at Christmas!
Instead, it might be a virus – at least according to one expert.
In a feature in Wired, one Indian expert Nikhil Durandar says that a virus from chickens could be behind some human obesity.
Durandar found that the so-called SMAM-1 virus seemed to cause obesity in chickens – and that some human patients also test positive for it.
Durandar tested 100 chickens by infecting them with the virus – and found that chickens with the SMAM-1 virus seemed to make chickens fat.
Durandar said, ‘At that time I had my obesity clinic, and I was doing blood tests for patients for their treatment. I thought I might just as well take a little bit of blood and test for antibodies to SMAM-1.
COTSWOLDS, UNITED KINGDOM - OCTOBER 15: Chicken penned inside a hen house, Cotswolds, United Kingdom. If Avian Flu (Bird Flu) spreads from Europe all poultry may be forced indoors. (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)
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‘Antibodies would indicate whether the patient was infected in the past with SMAM-1. The conventional wisdom is that an adenovirus for chickens does not infect humans, but I decided to check anyway.
‘It turned out that 20 percent of the people we tested were positive for antibodies for SMAM-1. And those 20 percent were heavier, had greater body mass index and lower cholesterol and lower triglycerides compared to the antibody-negative individuals, just as the chickens had.
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