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LAM Mozambique Airlines took damage while landing, may have hit a drone

Cyrus Farivar

Aviation Herald reports that drone “impacted the right hand side of the radome.”

LAM Mozambique Airlines has told Portuguese-language media that one of its aircraft was struck Thursday, possibly by a drone. In a Facebook post, the airline said that the crew of the Boeing 737 heard a bang, suggesting that some sort of “external body” hit the aircraft. The 737 was flying from Maputo and on approach to Tete airport when the incident occurred.
The Aviation Herald wrote that “a post flight examination revealed a drone had impacted the right hand side of the radome.” The website Mozambicano also reported the drone strike. The aircraft apparently landed safely with 80 passengers and six crew members on board.
In April 2016, British Airways reported that one of its aircraft may have hit a drone while landing at London Heathrow Airport.
Hundreds of near-misses have been reported at airports across the United States in recent years. Flying a drone within five miles of an airport in the United States is illegal, largely for safety reasons.

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