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Man Dies During Hours Of Sex, Then Mistress Sees Deadly Thing Between Legs

Robert Rich

Things went horribly wrong for a man who was cheating on his wife recently when he died in the throes of passion. Apparently having been at it for a few hours, you can imagine the woman’s surprise when he just stopped – and that’s when she noticed the deadly thing between his legs.
A man from Nigeria, only identified as Samson, had checked into a hotel room in hopes of being unfaithful to his wife and the mother of his three children. After ordering a few bottles of alcohol and inviting over a woman he’d been quietly speaking to for three months, the disgusting man headed to his room, where the two proceeded to have sex.
Unfortunately, things would go horribly wrong after a while when Sampson reportedly died mid-thrust, sending his mistress into a full-blown panic. As she ran from the room, inquisitive minds decided to take a closer look, and that’s when they found the man dead with his penis fully erect.
Man Dies During Hours Of Sex, Then Mistress Sees Deadly Thing Between Legs
(Source: Mail Online)
According to Punch, a few of Sampson’s friends suggested that he pick up an over-the-counter pill called “Manpower,” which is said to be similar to Viagra, for his night of “fun.”
“After having intercourse for a long time,” a source would later explain, “he could not ejaculate and must have died from the stress of the consistent hardness. He was overpowered by the drug and it was the first time he took such a drug.”
Mail Online reports, “Overdosing on sex drugs can be dangerous and can cause erections which last for several hours, sometimes causing permanent damage.” Although sources suggest that Sampson wasn’t typically a drinking man, the few he reportedly did have that night may have actually added to the negative effects as well.
Making matters worse, it seems that neither party involved wanted to bring the matter to the attention of the police on account of how embarrassing it was. Furthermore, the man’s body will remain at the morgue pending a family decision on whether to give him a proper burial.
As if there weren’t enough reason to fulfill the promises people make to one another on their wedding day, this one may be the best. Granted, death surely doesn’t happen every time someone is unfaithful to their significant other, but as a worst-case-scenario, it’s pretty bad.
Honesty and communication are the single most important things in a marriage, and when those don’t exist, well, you get situations like Sampson’s here. If you don’t want to be with someone anymore, the best thing you can do is be honest about it. After all, there isn’t a single person in this world that wants to go out like this.

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