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My five-point plan for Theresa May that can make hard Brexit a success

William Hague 

Theresa May smiles and looks to one side, as she walks towards two podiums, with British and New Zealand flags behind her
Theresa May is set to deliver a major speech on Brexit Credit: James Gourley/REX/Shutterstock
When the Prime Minister rises to give a speech of great importance on Tuesday, it will be a week since the Leader of the Opposition gave a spectacular demonstration of how not to do it.
Last Tuesday Jeremy Corbyn managed to deliver a speech on immigration in which he contradicted his own remarks as announced by his office the previous day. Adding to the chaos, he inserted a new thought he had just come up with on a maximum earnings limit, which in turn he abandoned by Wednesday. Small wonder that Labour MPs are leaving to run museums and nuclear power plants.
The Corbyn market: Jeremy's post-Brexit vision for Britain
By contrast, as she gives a long-awaited speech on Brexit, Theresa May will not utter a syllable out of place. Every sentence will have been pored over for days and will be exactly delivered as planned. I have watched her answer questions in the Commons for hours at a stretch without her revealing a single thought or fact she did not...

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