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Nurse sacked for tagging friends on this video of woman dropping stomach on a man

Richard Hartley-Parkinson

Nurse fired for tagging friends on this video of woman dropping stomach on a man
A nurse was sacked after he tagged his friends in a video that was being shared on Facebook after bosses deemed it sexually explicit.
Michael Renson tagged two colleagues in the viral video of a woman dropping her stomach onto a man’s back while saying ‘how heavy is that?’ and ‘you little horsey’.

In another incident he left some cream on another male colleague’s desk to make it look like someone had had a Tommy Tank onto his desk.
The hospital worker was reported to HR at Bendigo Health, north of Melbourne, Australia, and subsequently sacked.
Mr Renton, who has a ‘long and exemplary employment record’ for nearly 20 years, said it was meant to be a harmless prank and was confident that they would have seen it as a joke.
An employment hearing found that he had showed an ‘appalling lack of judgement’ adding that the cream incident was a ‘boorish’ prank.

It was found that he had brought the hospital’s reputation into disrepute, but added that his dismissal was unfair.
Commissioner Bissett said in her ruling: ‘Mr Renton should have listened to the voice in his head that suggested Ms Keown might have been offended by the post.
‘Unfortunately, he did not and the consequences for him and others are far reaching.’

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