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RADA contracted for high energy laser radars

Ryan Maass

RADA says its new contract suggests its technology is being recognized as the weapon of the future. Pictured: U.S. military personnel operate a Tactical High Energy Laser Advanced Concept Technology Demonstrator. Photo by U.S. Army Space & Missile Defense Command
RADA Electronic Industries has received an order to supply its Multi-mission Hemispheric Radar system to an undisclosed customer in Far East Asia.
While the company did not reveal any details about its client outside of its relative location, it did reveal the customer intends to procure the technology to support its High Energy Laser ground-based tactical weapon system.
The High Energy Laser, or HEL, is used to support a variety of military missions, and is designed to engage short-range threats and afford allied ground forces more maneuverability.
"We have developed the MHR to meet the highest requirements of tactical, land-based force protection solutions," RADA CEO Dov Sella said in a press release. "he high energy laser market is gradually being recognized as the weapon for the future, and we are very happy to be involved in a continuously growing number of such programs."
Sella went on to note the company is involved in about ten HEL development programs in the United States and Europe. The Multi-mission Hemispheric Radar is already integrated into U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps platforms.
The radar protects mobile forces using S-band, pulse Doppler active electronically scanned array technology to perform threat detection tasks.

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