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School cleaner wins £95,000 payout over trauma of fake orgy in staff room

Richard Hartley-ParkinsonSchool cleaner wins £95,000 payout over trauma of fake orgy in staff room

Helenvale State School where the cleaner worked (Picture: Google Street View)
A cleaner at a school in Australia has been given a £95,000 payout after colleagues made the staff room look like the scene of a mass orgy.
A groundsman and a supervisor filled condoms with cream and left beer and wine bottles around the room to make it look like there had been a huge sex party.
They also left women’s underwear and pulled a mattress into the room from the school’s sickbay at Helenvale State School.
His lawyer, Bruce Simmonds, said he had been left traumatised after being made to clean up the scene while children were in school.
He said: ‘He was horrified and subjected to great emotional stress by this trauma especially when they didn’t own up to the joke and left him believing it was real.’
He added: ‘He was devastated by the incident. Who could he speak to? Who should he report this to? He bottled it up.’
He ended up leaving his job and relied on benefits, according to MailOnline Australia. Mr Simmonds said: ‘He feels humiliated by the experience and right now his future is unclear.’
A tribunal accepted he had been left distressed and ordered a payout of AU$156,051.
The tribunal said in its judgement said: ‘As a result of these events (he) suffered psychological consequences.
‘The circumstances of the sexual harassment are unusual.’

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