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Ukrainian army receives 50 BTR-3 armored vehicles

Ryan Maass

Ukroboronprom established a dedicated BTR-3 plant in 2016 with the goal of boosting production and reducing costs. Photo by Bob Adams/Flickr
Ukraine's state-owned defense contractor Ukroboronprom has transferred over 50 BTR-3 armored personnel carriers to the country's armed forces.
The company completed manufacturing the vehicles in 2016. The products are armed with modernized weapon systems including 30mm guns and additional missile munitions, and were transferred to Ukraine's army and national guard.
To support the production process, Ukrobornprom established a new manufacturing plant dedicated to BTR-3-related operations. The company repaired roughly 140 armored vehicles over the past year. Ukrobornprom officials say the new plant will increase manufacturing operations and reduct costs for future projects.
The BTR-3 is an 8x8 fully amphibious armored vehicle equipped with hydraulically amplified power steering. While not an upgrade of the former USSR's BTR-80, the vehicle is based on the Soviet design. Outside of Ukraine, operators include Myanmar, Nigeria, Thailand and Chad.

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