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White Teen Victim Tortured For Supporting Trump Just Got HUGE Surprise

Amanda Shea

White Teen Victim Tortured For Supporting Trump Just Got HUGE Surprise
Donald Trump (left), Chicago torture victim (right)
A mentally challenged Chicago teen’s skin color and his support of President-elect Donald Trump made him the target for reprehensible torture by four racist thugs who felt empowered to put this man through hell. Now that these poster children for the Black Lives Matter movement have been arrested, the victim is getting far more vindication than just their arrests with a massive surprise that just showed up on his behalf.
The 18-year-old victim was taken by a vicious pack of black teens his same age, who recorded the vile things they forced him to do as they shouted, “F*** Trump!” and “F*** white people!” Bound, gagged, terrified, and confused as to why these animals picked him, the victim was beaten and forced at knifepoint to drink from a toilet, among other unspeakable things so that these scum could feel a sense of power and control over a disabled person of another race.
As video spread of this sickening ordeal, conservative news sites seemed to be the only people willing to demand justice for this kid, who should have never suffered this treatment, while the mainstream media’s only mention of it was to discredit the hate crime by calling it a “prank.”
However, this was no prank; it was an intentional act of terror fueled by the Black Lives Matter movement and President Barack Obama’s support of it, but now, this traumatized victim and his family are getting the last laugh.
Horrified by what they were hearing on the news about this racist assault, someone took it upon themselves to start a verified fundraiser for this 18-year-old who was put through utter hell. With a goal set at just $10,000, Trump-supporting conservatives trumped that by contributing in droves, with the account for this kid amassing more than $40,000 in a matter of hours, Fox 32 reported.
While nothing can undo what these heathens did to this innocent kid, he and his family will have this incredible gift to help them recover and heal in the aftermath. The small fortune raised in such a short time speaks volumes about how those who support Trump also support each other, and that’s what will make America great again.

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