Easy birthday cakes for kids

Want to make your child a birthday cake to remember but don't think you have the skills? Our easiest ever party sponges have simple instructions and decorations... 
Digger cake
Our showstopping cakes are all made using the same base and just take some clever tricks and creative decorating to turn them into professional looking masterpieces. Enjoy... 

Digger cake

You don’t need to be an engineer to make this impressive-looking birthday bonanza, just a few clever props and a lot of KitKat bars! In fact the whole project takes less than an hour and the results are simple but spectacular. The perfect way to impress the little party people in your life... 

Snappy dinosaur cake

Dinosaur cake
It might look tricky to pull off, but this cake is seriously straightforward. You just need to bake one round cake and with a bit of clever cutting, your roarsome friend will be brought to life. Make him as colourful as you like – the more Smarties the better...

Happy lion birthday cake

Lion cake
This super-simple but charming cake is perfect for young children and takes less than an hour to prepare. It couldn't be easier to decorate, just get creative with a bit of icing and a few liquorice Catherine wheels and your lion will take form before you know it...
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