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Nintendo’s special edition Animal Crossing 2DS XL is adorable and I’m mad I can’t buy it

Japanese and European fans of the Animal Crossing franchise will be able to purchase a special edition New Leaf Nintendo 2DS XL by the end of the summer. Two other special edition designs inspired by familiar titles will be launching in Japan in the coming months, too. (Sorry, Americans, but most specifically me.)

The Animal Crossing: New Leaf model comes in a cool green color with etched out fruit and pine trees. They surround the franchise’s familiar leaf design that is hollowed out into the center. The special edition 2DS XL will come with a digital version of New Leaf preloaded onto it. Japanese customers can buy it July 19th, and according to a tweet from Nintendo UK, European fans can get their hands on it the next day on July 20th.

Customers in Japan will also have the option to buy a Minecraft “Creeper” edition 2DS XL and a Mario Kart 7-themed one as well. These two models haven’t been announced for any other markets, so fans in Europe and America will have to wait it out and see if they’ll be able to cop them anywhere outside of eBay following their Japanese release.

The Minecraft version features the green-bodied exploder’s face. The front of the device showcases raised blocks that give the polygonal pain-in-the-butt a more textured shell. The Mario Kart 7 design looks like your standard kart tire with the classic Nintendo red color bordering the treads. Like the Animal Crossing edition, both devices come with their respective games preloaded. The Mario Kart 7 2DS XL arrives on the same day as the Animal Crossing: New Leaf model on July 19th, while the Minecraft version will be coming a few weeks later, launching August 2nd.
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