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Windows 10 Mail App Gets a New Feature That Makes Sense on Surface Andromeda

Insiders can now try out a new ink feature in Mail app
By Bogdan Popa

Microsoft has started testing a new feature for the Windows 10 Mail app that simply makes sense on a device like Surface Andromeda.

Currently available for insiders only, Windows 10 Mail app version 16006.10228.20108.0 allows users to draw in new emails and insert sketches with a pen. You can add a drawing canvas from the ribbon anywhere in the email, and Mail now supports picture annotations by simply drawing on or next to images.

Furthermore, the Mail app is getting some extra tools that come in handy to those who want to make their drawings unique, such as ink effects like galaxy, rainbow, and rose gold pens.

All these features are included in the draw tab within the Mail app and are currently available for insiders with a touch-capable display. If the feature is missing on your system, make sure that you are running the latest version of the Mail app.
"Surface Andromeda"

Microsoft’s support for inking in the Mail app comes at a time when more rumors are swirling around the web and discussing the highly-anticipated Surface Andromeda device.

Coming with a dual-screen design and offering support for pen input, Andromeda has reportedly been pushed back until at least spring 2019.

This new Surface model would offer several form factors, including tablet, laptop, and digital notebook for easy note-taking with a pen. Windows 10 apps would support all these form factors and adapt to the orientation of the screen, so it’s important for Microsoft to update the software in order to prepare for the debut of the device.

But with Andromeda no longer on the radar, all these improvements come in handy to those with tablets and 2-in-1s running Windows 10 and using a pen. All features should become available to users outside the Insider program in the coming weeks.

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