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Beijing: denuclearization of North Korea should be parallel to peace creation

The Chinese foreign minister recalled that the six-party talks have played an important role in the stabilization processThe denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula should be parallel to the creation of a peace mechanism, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated on Thursday during the UN Security Council session dedicated to the situation around North Korea.

"In China’s opinion, the most effective way to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula is to make this process parallel to the creation of a peace mechanism on the peninsula. These two processes will mutually strengthen each other," the Chinese top diplomat said.

The minister pointed out that denuclearization is a necessary condition for ensuring a lasting peace on the peninsula. "It is necessary to do this in order to maintain an international regime of nuclear non-proliferation," he added.

"The key players in this process are North Korea and the USA; however, all other sides must make corresponding efforts. The six-party talks have played an important role and will remain an indispensable international platform," Wang Yi concluded.

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