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Colorado cafe closed 'due to bear shenanigans'

A Colorado cafe was "closed due to bear shenanigans" after a wild animal broke in and tipped over a 600-pound freezer.

The owners of the Wildflower Cafe in Evergreen posted a sign in their front door saying the business was "closed due to bear shenanigans" Sunday.

Josh Work, the cafe's chef, said he and sous chef Parker Weckwerth arrived at the business about 6:30 a.m. Sunday and discovered the bear had broken in overnight.

"I walked in the back, saw all this trash and then saw the freezer in the back tipped completely over," Weckwerth told KDVR-TV.

The pair said the bear did not manage to get inside the 600-pound freezer, but it did climb to the roof and raid rice and brown sugar from a dry goods storage room.

"Luckily, he didn't get into our sushi freezer," Work said.

The cafe reopened Monday morning with a new menu item: bear-shaped pancakes.

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