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Fire and Emergency NZ condemns man filmed dancing on Auckland fire truck

"If the individual had fallen he could have injured himself and put others at risk. The crew would not have been available to respond to another call if it had had to tend to him," Mr Twomey told Newshub.

He said one of the organisation's Auckland crew members was "just about to leave the scene of an incident on Saturday night" when they heard somebody "jumping up and down on the roof of the cab".

Bystander Jason Vu was on the corner of Symonds St and Mount St when the man allegedly climbed the ladder of a fire truck that was responding to a call-out.

"One of the guys just jumped and climbed the ladder of the fire truck, and he was jumping and dancing on the rooftop," said Mr Vu.

He believes the man was from a group of university students, and the fire crew were responding to an alarm nearby.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand were called to Auckland University of Technology's residential apartments - also located on Mount St - on Saturday night when 14 students were reportedly trapped in a lift.

Mr Vu said after jumping down from the fire truck, the man escaped the fire crew and ran off.

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