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Iranian FM: 'The Holocaust is no reason to deprive others of a homeland'

Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Javad Zarif attacked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and claimed he speaks "rubbish" when he is discussing Iranian matters during an interview given to CBS on Friday.

Zarif claimed that while a huge number of people perished during the Holocaust "it does not justify depriving other people of a homeland."
This is a surprising claim, as the official stand of the Iranian government is that the Holocaust is a fabrication.

In the past, Iran even invited scholars to attend conferences in which the "fabrication of the Holocaust" was discussed.

Referring to US President Donald Trump as a "bully", Zarif claimed that by threatening to act against European nations that engage in trade with the Islamic Republic he is "pushing allies [of the US] to act in a lawless way."

"This policy will be met with a fierce response," warned Zarif, who claimed that Trump is far from showing strength.

Zarif also claimed that "we can still continue with our nuclear activity and even speed it up in reaction to the cancellation of the agreement by the US."

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