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Teledyne Gavia deploys Sonar Transponder Module for ASW training

Teledyne Gavia has announced the recent delivery to an undisclosed military customer of a Sonar Transponder Module for anti-submarine warfare training.

The STM module has been constructed by Scanmatic AS of Norway and forms part of a Gavia payload module capable of receiving and transmitting sonar signals for training purposes, the company said in a press release.

The STM is a flooded transducer compartment, an electronic compartment and a towed hydrophone behind an autonomous underwater vehicle. The STM can be programmed to simulate a wide variety of submersible targets, emitting different sound signals that emulate submarines and torpedoes.

The Gavia AUV is an autonomous sensor system that is modular and reconfigurable depending on the user. It can use several types of sensor, navigation and battery modules depending on the mission.

Gavia claims that it has low logistics costs and maintenance requirements. Modules include acoustic systems for ASW training, side scan sonars, multibeam sonars, cameras and environmental sensors to determine water conditions.

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