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Three men wanted by Saudi security forces killed in Qatif

Three men wanted by Saudi Arabia's security forces were killed Thursday after they opened fire on security forces from a house in Qatif.

The men, all Saudi nationals, were named as Mohammed Hassan Ahmed Al-Zayed, Mufeed Hamza Ali Ulwan, and Khalil Ibrahim Hassan Al-Muslim, Saudi Press Agency reported.

Three security officers were injured during the operation and no civilian casualties were reported.

A spokesman for the Presidency of State Security said officers were able to locate the three suspects in a house in central Qatif on Thursday night “as a result of the security monitoring and surveillance of suspects related to terrorist incidents that took place in Qatif, Eastern Province."

“The suspects started shooting at security personnel after they surrounded the area and called on them to surrender," the spokesman said. "They endangered the safety of residents and passersby."

The security forces returned fire, killing the three men, Al-Zayed had been on the run since 2012 and Al-Alwan since 2016.

“The Presidency of State Security will continue to pursue criminals and all those who dare to violate the Kingdom’s security through such activities and calls on the rest of the wanted people to turn themselves in,” the spokesman said.

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