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Waze App Updated with Apple CarPlay Support

The super-popular traffic navigation app Waze has finally been updated with support for Apple CarPlay, essentially enabling drivers to use it on their compatible car displays.

Apple’s well-known obsession with restrictions has previously impacted CarPlay usability as well, as Apple Maps was the only navigation app available for iPhone users who connected their smartphones to their cars.

But with the release of iOS 12, the Cupertino-based company has decided to lift some limitations and allow third-party navigation apps on CarPlay, including Google Maps and Waze.

After previously rolling out Google Maps with support for CarPlay earlier this month, Waze now works on Apple’s car system too, and it comes with the full feature package.

As the leading traffic navigation app that helps drivers avoid traffic jams, Waze lands on CarPlay with support for sending reports for all supported incidents, like accidents and hazards. Each report generates points that increase the rank of each driver, just like on smartphones.

"Android Auto’s lack of refinements"

As it’s the case of Google Maps, Waze is just a layer on CarPlay, so the app closes if you open a different app on your smartphone. This is actually how CarPlay is built, with the car’s display mirroring the phone’s screen all the time.

Basically, all these new apps coming with support for CarPlay should increase the adoption of Apple’s system, especially as Google has more or less neglected Android Auto lately.

The most recent of Android Auto, for example, has caused more harm than good, breaking down the app for many drivers and leading to other music playback and navigation issues. Furthermore, the Android Auto experience is less refined than CarPlay, so unless Google becomes more committed to improving its app, CarPlay adoption could gradually increase.

In order to use Waze with CarPlay, you must update the app to the latest version from the App Store. Your iPhone must be running iOS 12.

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