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20 arrests after Tonga Australia league match

Twenty people were arrested throughout the night following the rugby league match between Tonga and Australia at Mt Smart Stadium in Otahuhu yesterday.

Police said it was a busy night with hundreds of people and vehicles out in the streets surrounding the stadium and into Māngere.

They said there were pockets of disorder in various places following the match.

Two people were taken to hospital with serious injuries as a result of a large fight on Nikau Road which broke out around the end of the game.

Last night police also shut down street parties by Tonga fans during the match and cordoned off several Otahuhu streets, where Tonga sports fans gathered for last year's rugby league world cup tournament.

Streets near Mount Smart Stadium were also blocked off by officers, who redirected traffic.

The extra enforcement was a precaution after disorder broke out last year when the Mate Ma'a Tonga team secured an historic win over New Zealand.

Australia comfortably beat Tonga last night however, with a 34-16 win.

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