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639 pianos play in unison for Guinness World Record

A total 639 pianists from eight countries played in unison during an event in China to break a Guinness World Record.

Organizers of the event in Wuqiang County, Hubei Province, said 40 pianos were played on a stage in unison with 599 pianos in a nearby square, making for a total 639 pianos played at the same time.

The pianists included international musicians Grigory Gruzman, Alexander Schimpf, Scott McBride Smith and Patricia Frehlich, as well as music teachers and students from China.

The event, which saw participants play "Marche Militaire in D Major" by Franz Schuber in unison, broke the Guinness World Record of 555 pianos playing at the same time, which was set in 2007 in Inchon, South Korea, the record-keeping organization said.

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