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Hamas responds to Liberman: Empty threats won't affect our resilience

Defense Minister Liberman warned Hamas in a Tweet on Friday morning not to escalate riots along the Gaza border.
Hamas issued a message to Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman on Friday afternoon, commenting that "his threats won't stand a chance against the Palestinians' willpower to lift the blockade", Channel 2 reported.

"Liberman's threats are empty and will not harm the the resilience of the Palestinian people," Hamas was quoted as saying. "The March of Return will only get stronger; it is not affected by threats."The remarks came in response to a Tweet published by the Defense Minister on Friday morning, warning Hamas not to escalate riots along the Gaza border.

"We passed the month of Tishrei exactly as we had planned, without a conflagration of violence from the rioters on the Gaza border. 'After the holidays,' has arrived. And I tell Hamas leaders: 'Take this into account.' Thank you to the IDF soldiers," he wrote on the social platform. Bayit Yehudi MK Moti Yogev, also on Twitter, echoed Liberman.

"We are not pawns in a game of war, but it is time to react! For more than half a year, the IDF has, for various reasons, accepted terror activity, the escalation that threatens the life of our soldiers, the erosion of the commitment to defend our borders in the south and the injury to the security of our residents in the south. Time has come for a response, deterrence and the restoration of security to the Gaza perimeter," he wrote. Regular riots have taken place along the Gaza border every Friday for the past seven months.

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