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Houthis target fleeing family with mortar shells in Yemen’s Hodeidah

Houthi militants fired mortars at a family as they fled their home in Durahmi, south of Yemen’s Hodeidah province, Saudi state-news channel Al-Ekhbariya reported.

A statement issued by the government-backed Amaliqa Brigades said all five members of the family were injured when Houthis shelled them as they tried to escape towards Al-Khokha.

The incident comes a day after the militia targeted a King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre camp for displaced people in Al-Khokha, killing a woman and injuring a large number of civilians.

KSRelief visited the Beni Jaber Camp in Al Khokha district on Sunday to assess the damage to the camp, Saudi Press Agency reported.

The charity's officials checked that the mobile clinics at the camp were still able to do their work and the situation of those injured in the attack and treated by medical staff.

Meanwhile, KSRelief distributed aid to more than 600 widowed women in Sayun District, located in central Hadhramaut including 618 bags of clothes and154 boxes of food.

The distribution is part of humanitarian efforts from Saudi Arabia through KSRelief to the people of Yemen, which have so far reached 286 projects.

Meanwhile, the Saudi Project for Landmines Clearance in Yemen, MASAM, said it had extracted 7,146 mines during 102 days since it launched the campaign. The munitions range from anti-personnel mines to other explosive devices and unexploded ordnances.

The report revealed that the team successfully cleared 787 mines from Marib and the West Coast during the first week of October.

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