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Indonesia earthquake and tsunami: All the latest updates

Death toll in Indonesia's earthquake-tsunami disaster passes 1,571 as aid operations continue.

Relief and rescue operations continue in Indonesia after a massive earthquake and tsunami, as time runs out to find survivors one week after the dual disasters struck Sulawesi Island.

According to the Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management on Friday, the death toll from the quake and tsunami has risen to 1,571.

More than 70,000 homes were destroyed or damaged by the magnitude 7.5 quake that struck on September 28, launching waves as high as six metres that slammed into Sulawesi at 800 km/h.

The Ministry of Health said that an 855-member medical team is working in the affected areas. The power and fuel supply situation have improved considerably, authorities said.
Parks become refugee camps

In Palu, parks have become refugee camps for those whose houses have been destroyed and have nowhere else to go.

Many are sleeping in the open, waiting for assistance.

"There is still a lack of basic supplies in the affected areas, including here in the heart of Palu city where people have been camping for a week," said Al Jazeera's Wayne Hay.

"Despite all the money from the Indonesian government and offers of assistance from foreign governments, no one has been able to supply these people with temporary toilets or adequate shelter," he said, reporting from Palu.

Refugees say they are grateful for the land to sleep on, but they need more help.

"I can tell you there are some toilets over there, but they are full of excrement so I eat only once a day so I don't have to go," said Haji Ratnawati Tawaka, a Palu resident.

"Maybe everyone is okay at the moment but if they don't sort it, we will have disease here," she told

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