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NATO says foreign soldier killed in Afghan insider attack

KABUL: A foreign soldier was killed and two others wounded in an insider attack in Afghanistan on Monday, NATO said, days after a gunman wounded a US general at a high-level security meeting.
The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack in the western province of Herat, which it said killed or wounded "a large number of American soldiers".
NATO's Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan did not immediately release the nationalities of the three soldiers, but it is understood they are not American.
"Initial reports indicate the attack was committed by a member of the Afghan security forces," Resolute Support said in a statement.
The so-called "green-on-blue" attack was the latest in a series of such incidents in which Afghan forces have turned their weapons on international troops with whom they are working.
It comes four days after a gunman wearing an Afghan security forces uniform opened fire on a gathering of security chiefs, including General Scott Miller, the top US and NATO commander in Afghanistan.
Miller was not hurt in the shooting in the southern city of Kandahar that killed three people, including a powerful Afghan police chief.
US Brigadier General Jeffrey Smiley was among 13 wounded.

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