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Report: Three Palestinians killed during Friday clashes with IDF

Gaza security fence area declared closed military zone by IDF.
Three Palestinians were killed during Friday clashes with IDF forces near the Gaza border security fence on Friday, Palestinian media reports, one of those killed is reported to be a 12 year old child. .

Palestinian media reports claim 124 protesters were injured, 18 by IDF sniper fire.The Palestinian Ministry of Health reports that a reporter and a paramedic are among those injured.

Around 20,000 protesters rioted near the security fence between the Gaza strip and Israel on Friday, dozens of explosive devices were thrown at IDF soldiers, no injuries were reported.

The protesters throw rocks at IDF soldiers and set fire to tires, IDF spokesperson stated.

The security fence area between the Gaza strip and Israel was declared a closed military zone by the IDF, Maariv reported on Friday.

Additional IDF forces in the area were deployed ahead of the Friday protests Palestinians call "March of Return", now entering their seventh month. Ten Palestinians were spotted by IDF forces crossing the security fence north of the Gaza strip, where they threw hand grenades, and returned to the Gaza strip, IDF spokesperson stated.

In a phone interview with the Jerusalem Post IDF spokesperson stated that the area had been a closed military zone at least since the protests started over half a year ago.

"Roads are always closed each Friday before these protests," the IDF spokesperson stated.

Hamas issued a message to Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman on Friday afternoon, commenting that "his threats won't stand a chance against the Palestinians' willpower to lift the blockade", Channel 2 reported.

"Liberman's threats are empty and will not harm the the resilience of the Palestinian people," Hamas was quoted as saying. "The March of Return will only get stronger; it is not affected by threats."

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