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Diplo caught Dame Dash trying to take credit for one his old songs.

On Thursday, Kanye West tweeted out a video he’d received from Dash, in which the producer and entrepreneur plays a song that says he’s sending to Kim Kardashian’s husband to get him back to rapping.

“Yo, bro. I’m going to send you this beat,” he said in the vid. “Don’t talk that s–t saying you ready to rap. Have me come cook some s–t up. Get in the lab, you know, and make s—t up. F–k all that other dumb s—t, n—a. I’m in the studio, n—a, making motherf—king records.”

There was one major problem though, the beat he was trying to pass off as his own — of which Dame promised there was more of — is actually Diplo’s. It’s from his song “Sarah,” which is featured on his 2004 album “Florida.”

And the DJ was quick to point this out, tweeting, “This is my actual song tho.”
By Bryan Hood

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