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Spanish police seize six tonnes of cocaine hidden in banana cargo

MADRID: Spanish officials have seized more than six tonnes of cocaine hidden among bunches of bananas at an industrial estate in Malaga and arrested 16 people in connection to a suspected drugs ring, police said in a statement on Thursday (Oct 25).

More than €300,000 (US$340,000) in cash, weapons and high-end cars were also confiscated after raiding more than 20 homes and business in relation to the bust, the police said.

A police statement said the suspects were smuggling drugs from Latin America via a company dedicated to importing large quantities of bananas and other fruit from Costa Rica, according to a statement.

The investigation into the drugs ring lasted for almost a year and also involved Portuguese and US officials, it said.

In April, Spanish police made a record seizure of nearly nine tonnes of cocaine in a shipping container that was also carrying bananas in the southern port of Algeciras.

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