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Trump announces plan for year-round ethanol use at Iowa rally

President Donald Trump announced a plan Tuesday to allow more ethanol to be used during the summer, in an effort to provide a boost for farmers in Iowa and other states.

Speaking at a rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Trump said he had directed his administration to ask the Environmental Protection Agency to allow year-round use of gasoline blended with 15 percent ethanol, known as E15.

"Today we are unleashing the power of E15 to fuel our country all year long, not eight months... all year long," Trump said.

Trump drew cheers from the crowd of Iowans and supporters who traveled from nearby Nebraska when he said he had fulfilled a promise to farmers.

"I made that promise to you during the campaign. I made that promise to you during the primary," Trump said. "Promises made; promises kept."

Trump went on to encourage the crowd to vote Republican in November's midterm elections, saying Democrats would look to "end ethanol."

He also touted the United States Mexico Canada Agreement -- a $1.2 trillion trade agreement which replaced the North American Free Trade Agreement -- as a boost for farmers in the states, which he also said Democrats would look to reverse.

"If Democrats take control they will try to reverse our amazing progress and plunge our country into gridlock, frankly into poverty, ultimately into chaos," said Trump.

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