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Yemen Houthis release sons of late president Saleh

The Ansar Allah Houthis released on Wednesday the sons of late President, Ali Abdullah Saleh after detaining them for nearly ten months in the capital, Sanaa.

“The sons of Ali Abdullah Saleh, Salaah and Madyan, were released upon a presidential amnesty issued by the President of the Supreme Political Council, Mahdi al-Mashat” Sabaa news agency quoted a source in the interior ministry as saying. The agency gave no further details on the release.
The Houthis detained some of Saleh’s

male family members following violent clashes between them and forces loyal to the late president, in Sanaa which ended with Saleh’s death.

The Houthis did not manage to arrest Tariq Mohammed Abdullah Saleh, who led the battles against them. Tariq Saleh moved to Yemen west coast and established forces to fight Houthis with support from the UAE.

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