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Yemen: Islah leader found dead after being kidnapped

The head of the branch of the Islah Charitable Society for Social Welfare, Mohammed Al- Shujainah was found dead yesterday afternoon hours after he was kidnapped by gunmen outside his home in the district of Attawahi.

Local sources said Al-Shajainah’s body was found inside a car in the KhorMaksar district. Sources said he was blindfolded and had been tortured.

Days earlier social media users had circulated a video clip showing the assassination of prominent Imam in Aden, Sheikh Abdulrahman Al-Omrani, in broad daylight.

Some parties accuse the United Arab Emirates of plotting the assassinations in Aden, saying they have have been systematically carried out against scholars, advocates and political figures known for supporting President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi and rejecting the UAE’s involvement in the Yemen conflict.

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