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China-Arab forum calls to develop sustainable cities

JEDDAH: The second meeting of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum, which concluded in Marrakesh, called for the adoption of benchmarks for sustainable Arab cities and economic measures that will attract investment and create employment opportunities.
The event emphasized the importance of developing expertise in the field of smart cities, as well as strengthening infrastructure in terms of digital management.
Participants also stressed the need to address emerging issues related to the environment, energy management, education and heritage, along with improving the capacity of cities to deal with the effects of climate change and adopt efficient energy-management practices.
The forum also highlighted the importance of strengthening Chinese-Arab relations, considering the creation of a network for historical Chinese and Arab cities, and finding the best methods to attract more Chinese investment in Arab cities.
Other topics that were discussed included smart cities, heritage preservation, and the role of infrastructure in urban development.

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