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Coalition spokesman confirms commitment to finding political solution to Yemen crisis

RIYADH: The Saudi-led coalition backing the legitimate government in Yemen against Iranian-backed Houthi rebels is committed to reaching a political solution to the conflict, its spokesman confirmed on Monday.

Col. Turki Al-Maliki said the UN envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths, in an address to the Security Council, had praised the coalition’s desire to reach an agreement in the conflict.

Al-Maliki explained that a meeting had been held by Yemen’s national economic committee, which included representatives from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the UK and the US.

During the meeting, several measures were taken to improve the Yemeni economy, Al-Maliki said. He also added that the coalition had facilitated a humanitarian plan for Yemen worth more than $1 billion with contributions from Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait.

Regarding Houthi actions in Yemen, Al-Maliki said the Iranian-backed militia continues to commit violations and ignore international law.

He said the Houthis had planted mines at a school as well as other areas in and around Hodeidah, and destroyed a mosque in the port city.

Al-Maliki also provided evidence that the Houthis replaced contents of World Food Program packages with TNT explosives.

He added that 200 mines planted by the Houthis had been deactivated in the province of Hajjah, reiterating that the group is still using civilians as human shields and recruiting them to join their ranks.

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