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King Salman calls for political solution in Yemen during Shoura Council speech

RIYADH: King Salman gave his annual speech at the opening of the third year of the Shoura Council’s seventh session on Monday, which lays the groundwork for the consultative assembly to help move the country forward.

King Salman said during his speech that Saudi Arabia stands with Yemen and that the Kingdom supports a political solution for the country, in accordance with the UN Security Council resolution and the Gulf initiative. He added that it was not an option, but a duty to counter the Houthi militia. The king also said Yemen’s internationally recognized government had agreed to participate in future peace talks in Sweden.

The king called on the international community to put an end to Iranian activities which threatened the security and stability in the region, saying that Iran had always intervened in the internal affairs of its neighboring countries and was a sponsor of terrorism.

On the region, King Salman said the Palestinian issue would remain the first issue until the Palestinians got their rights, and he called for a political solution to the Syria crisis and an end to terrorist organizations.

Having met with the Iraqi president on Sunday, King Salman said he looked forward to continuing efforts to strengthening cooperation between the Kingdom and Iraq.

He also said the Kingdom was working with OPEC members and non-OPEC countries to achieve market stability, and said the country’s oil policy was based on cooperation and coordination with oil producers.

King Salman said he has asked Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to focus on developing human resources and preparing young people for future jobs, saying Saudi citizens are the main engine of development in the country and that goals for development plans in the Kingdom were being achieved at a satisfactory rate.

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