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Police search continues for missing Tasman woman, locals being asked to check own properties

Tasman Police are continuing their search for a missing 75-year-old woman today and are asking Motueka Valley locals to help out.

Judith Nash, who police describe as about 160cm tall and of medium build, was last seen walking along the Motueka Valley Highway with her dog about 5.30am yesterday.

Her crashed vehicle was found abandoned on the same stretch of road.

Police say Judith was wearing blue jeans, a multi-coloured shirt and a beige jacket and her dog, Scooter, is a medium-sized Kelpie.

Police have concerns for Judith's wellbeing and ask anyone living in Motueka Valley, including Mitten Heights, to check their property for any sign she may have been there.

Police Search and Rescue are currently searching in the area as well.

Anyone with information is urged to contact their local Police station immediately.

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