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Six-meter waves hit the coasts of Morocco

“The depression at the level of the Atlantic Ocean, with winds of more than 100 km/h, led to the formation of waves of more than six meters high on the coast of the country,” said Hussein Bouabed, communication officer at the Moroccan Meteorological Department in an interview with Anadolu Agency.

Bouabed added: “We alert not to get near to the coasts, whether today or during the next few days.”

Social media users have circulated photos of the sea waves on the coast of Salé, next to Rabat, which reached more than six meters, in addition to drifting stones that filled the outskirts of the city’s coastal road due to the pressure generated by the waves.

“During these days Morocco will be swept by rainstorms and strong wind, which will lead to the formation of huge waves. Everyone should keep away from the coastal areas,” Bouabed said.

According to the National Meteorological Department, a series of successive air agitations, as a result of the approaching depression, will progress through Morocco until next Friday.
The Moroccan Meteorological Department stated: “The rainstorms will be all over the country, sometimes moderate to strong in the form of thunderous showers in the

northern and central Atlantic plains, in addition to the Atlantic Highlands and the plains nearby, especially today.”

As for the state of the sea, the statement said that starting from Sunday, huge waves will be formed in the Atlantic coasts, ranging between four and six meters in height; especially in northern and central Atlantic coasts.

The National Meteorological Department expects these weather conditions to continue on Sunday and to start to clear up on Monday evening, calling for more caution.

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