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Thunderstorms and rains expected across Saudi Arabia starting Thursday

JEDDAH: The Saudi Meteorology Department has forecast moderate to heavy thunderstorms and rains, accompanied by dust-lifting winds over several regions in the Kingdom from Thursday to Monday.

The report said the bad weather will begin on Thursday in the areas of Afif, Al-Dawami, and the surrounding region. The weather will start on Friday in Riyadh, Al-Kharj, and other nearby areas.

The rains will be extremely heavy on Sunday and Monday.

Moderate to heavy rains are also expected in the eastern region starting on Thursday.

The forecast is expected from next Friday on Dammam Dhahran, Jubail, Ihsaa, Khobar, and others nearby areas. It is expected to be extremely heavy on Sunday and Monday.

From Thursday to Sunday, moderate to heavy rainfall is expected on the Qassim region, including Onaiza, Buraidah, Al-Russ, Bakairiya as well as nearby governorates and centers, with heavy rains predicted for Friday and Saturday.

Meanwhile, the media center of the General Directorate of Civil Defense explained that its command had rescued a total of 2,157 people since last Wednesday up to Tuesday morning due to the rains that hit these areas.

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