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Enthusiasts treated to Arab classical music at Dar Al-Hekma University

The musicians played classical pieces from different cultures in the region

JEDDAH: A concert organized by the General Culture Authority (GCA) at Dar Al-Hekma University on Friday attracted hundreds of visitors.
An all-Saudi band headed by Dr. Mohammed Qari took the audience on a journey through the history of classical Arabic music by renowned composers such as Lebanon’s Philemon Wehbe and Egypt’s Mohammed Abdul Wahab. The band included oud player Rayan Al-Saqqaf, pianist Ali Khafaji and two rhythmists.
Qari told Arab News: “Without an encouraging response from the audience, a musician fails to do his best in such a concert.”
He said there are many skilled Saudi musicians and singers, adding: “If we had a music institute, all these hidden treasures would come to the surface.” He said he may set one up.
Qari’s sister Zakia, who attended the concert, said her brother began playing music when he was six years old.
“The interaction of the crowd with my brother’s performance made me want to go on stage to hug and kiss him. He has long made his family proud,” she said.
Alhan BaFaqeeh, who attended with her husband, told Arab News: “The music pieces performed were selected carefully to satisfy the audience’s different tastes.
The musicians played classical pieces from different cultures in the region. They were delightful pieces.”
Shaimaa Jailani, who attended with her friends, told Arab News: “I believe everything comes at its right time, and this is the perfect time for public music activities.”

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