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I wonder why Buhari is seeking reelection, says Cleric

Founder and leader of Living Christ Mission Worldwide and Chancellor of Hezekiah University, His Grace, Most Rev. Daddy Hezekiah has said that he was surprised that President Muhammadu Buhari was seeking for reelection in next year’s general elections.

In a Christmas and New year message, Hezekiah said “Honestly speaking, I don’t know why APC decided to ask Buhari to stand for election again. Number one, Buhari is not healthy. Is he not? A person who is unhealthy cannot handle the affairs of this great nation. Why did they choose him again?

“I am not against APC, but I am against people who did not perform and yet they want to come back again. I am not like these other men of God. All I am saying is that personally, Buhari did not achieve much during his first term and it is proper to tell him to quit. Therefore, I am looking forward to seeing someone who will do better than Buhari, whether from APC or PDP, anywhere.

“We need to move this country forward because nothing good happened to this country during his first tenure.”

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